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Caeruleus Genomics logo

Caeruleus Genomics is a computational biotech company building the engine for functional cell profiling & novel target discovery. We are creating a proprietary technology stack to resolve complex heterogeneous diseases with unprecedented resolution and insight. This enables us to drug better, differentiated targets and partner with leading companies in adjacent therapeutic markets. Every decade sees a breakthrough founder-driven company define a new scientific paradigm or category: BioNTech, Regeneron, Exscentia, Recursion, Genentech, Guardant Health, Nanopore etc.; we are building with this level of ambition.


We are now hiring a part-time computational research scientist or computational intern who isn't scared by this level of ambition to support on core computational workflow development. This role will be highly algorithmic, so does require a strong background in mathematics, and will report to the CTO. The role can be remote or in-person and is paid.




  • Collaborate with other team members and contribute to developing new computational methods.



  • Masters student, PhD student or PostDoc in Computational Mathematics, Computer Science or Machine Learning.
  • Experience working with sparse data structures, deep learning systems and signal processing workflows.
  • Experience in Python, R or Rust.
  • [Optional] Some experience working with genomics data