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JOB DESCRIPTION – ML scientist with passion for complex biological data


Us: Oxford’s newest & most exciting cancer biotech

  • Collaboration of world leading cancer doctors, immunologists & vaccine experts
  • Patent-protected tumour fighting technologies
  • Promising preclinical results so far (80% survival vs tough cancers)
  • Translation: Preparing to start our lead clinical trial
  • Well-funded by smart, global investors & Innovate UK
  • Backed by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) & Cancer Research Institute
  • Creative, collaborative, diverse and inclusive, international team 
  • Dedicated to fighting challenging cancers with innovative precision therapies 


You: We’re looking for a passionate ML scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit 

  • MSc or PhD in Comp Sci, Physics, Maths, ML, Bioinformatics, Comp Bio, or similar
  • Experience with the Python toolkit (NumPy, OpenCV, Scikit, Pandas, etc.)
  • Experience writing maintainable Python and using ML frameworks (PyTorch, TensorFlow)
  • Experience with version control (Git) and interest in cloud computing (eg. AWS, Azure)
  • Self-motivated in an entrepreneurial environment, with a broad range of responsibilities
  • Knowledge of ML pipeline development in the context of biology 


Your core responsibilities 

  • Innovate & drive the development of our core ML pipelines and projects
  • Build pipelines for data curation and feature engineering with a focus on biological data, such as protein mass spectrometry outputs
  • Integrate algorithms into our Precision Immunomics platform
  • Develop relevant benchmarks with support from our stellar team of wet lab scientists and bioinformaticians
  • Work in inter-disciplinary project teams, to rapidly translate ideas from concept to implementation, contributing to the development of life-saving clinical therapies
  • Present our learnings and findings, internally & externally, persuasively 


How we value you and your growth 

  • Empowering and inspiring you to take on a high level of responsibility
  • Offering you a unique start-up career, that aligns with your strengths and passions
  • Internal & external training: Scientific management, immunological data analysis, entrepreneurialism, etc, tailored to your growth trajectory and personal interests
  • Attractive salary, plus potentially life-changing share options


Next step:

Send your CV and a brief cover letter to today! Tell us why we need you. We look forward to exploring how your skills and drive can help us to cure cancer together…

Infinitopes Limited, BioEscalator Innovation Building, 696 Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7FZ