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Caeruleus Genomics logo

Caeruleus Genomics is a computational biotech company building the engine for functional cell profiling & novel target discovery. We are creating a proprietary technology stack to resolve complex heterogeneous diseases with unprecedented resolution and insight. This enables us to drug better, differentiated targets and partner with leading companies in adjacent therapeutic markets. Every decade sees a breakthrough founder-driven company define a new scientific paradigm or category: BioNTech, Regeneron, Exscentia, Recursion, Genentech, Guardant Health, Nanopore etc.; we are building with this level of ambition. 


We are now hiring a rockstar wet lab scientist who isn't scared by this level of ambition to work on wet-lab molecular biology and sequencing protocol optimisation. This role will report to the CSO and be a core member of an elite technical founding team.



  • Collaborate with other team members and contribute to developing molecular biology protocols focusing on protocol optimisation.
  • Lead the execution and troubleshooting of single-cell and NGS sequencing workflows.
  • Manage external service providers and identify new collaborations.
  • Maintain familiarity with scientific literature around single-cell sequencing and fundamental RNA biology.



  • PhD or PostDoc in a relevant scientific discipline
  • Significant experience developing, implementing, and evaluating single-cell (or spatial) sequencing protocols.
  • A strong understanding of NGS molecular biology.
  • Experience in RNA biology
  • Experience with various techniques, including cell counting, flow cytometry and cell culture.
  • Experience analysing data from single-cell or bulk-RNA-seq experiments (e.g., using commercial software or R/Python packages).
  • [Optional] Experience with or be open to using lab automation
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.