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Portrait of Elen Wade-Martins

Dr Elen Wade-Martins, Business Manager, 01865 289876

Elen is your first point of contact if you are interested in any aspect of the BioEscalator. Elen is on the lookout for the most exciting innovative medical science companies to co-locate with the University’s medical research and is building a community of people interested in medical innovation and collaboration.

Elen’s background is in technology transfer and she relishes the challenges and rewards of working at the academic/business interface.


Dr Khwaja Islam, Lab Manager, 01865 618801

Khwaja is responsible for setting up and maintaining the core lab facilities for the BioEscalator. He also trains tenants to use the shared equipment and is the BioEscalator Health and Safety Officer.

Khwaja is a very experienced Lab Manager, having worked in and run medical research labs throughout his career, most recently in the University. He is focused on maintaining a great core facility and supporting scientists to achieve their aims in the lab.