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Accunea has been listed by as one of London’s best medical device companies to work for and buy from.

Accunea is a medical device business that is developing novel point-of-care diagnostic and monitoring technologies for clinical centres. Their premier product is a bedside multi-parameter organ function monitoring device that provides unprecedented capabilities for monitoring kidney function and metabolic conditions both pre-and post-transplantation.

Kidney transplantation is the only cure for dialysis-dependent renal failure each one saving lives and saving money for healthcare systems, but the function of the organ being implanted is often unknown until after surgery. Jez Marston, Nick Housby, and Dr Robert Learney have collaborated to build Accunea around the patent-pending RenoSure real-time kidney function monitoring technology initially developed by Dr Learney during his PhD research at Imperial College London.

The device has been tested and verified in blood samples in the laboratory and in a blood-perfused pig kidney model of injury. Accunea Ltd. is in the process of raising funds to take the RenoSure device forward into pre-clinical trials.

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