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Base Genomics is an epigenetics company based on a new invention to sequence DNA methylation licensed from Ludwig Cancer Research and the University of Oxford. The technology, TAPS (TET-assisted pyridine borane sequencing), sets a new gold standard for DNA methylation detection to measure changes in DNA over time. With greater sensitivity, accuracy and cost-effectiveness than existing techniques, near term applications will include the early detection of cancer through a blood test, and sensitive detection and analysis of minimal residual disease. In scaling the technology, Base Genomics’ leadership team of world-leading scientists, product developers, and clinicians aim to unlock a range of new applications in research and healthcare.


Please click the links below for further information about each role:

Bioinformatics Scientist/Lead, NGS

Statistical Geneticist / Bioinformatician, NGS

Software Developer/Lead Software Developer

Enzymology & Protein Engineering Scientist