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Elodie Siney, the BioEscalator's Marketing and Events Manager talked with Ochre Bio’s CEO, Jack O’Meara, and CSO, Quin Wills, to learn more about the company’s work on developing genomic medicines to rejuvenate donors' livers before transplant. They discussed the pair’s backstories, how the company came to fruition and what the future looks like for Ochre Bio. Jack and Quin also gave their advice on setting up a new business.

Read the video transcript here


Jack is a biomedical engineer with a background in bringing new health technologies to market. Jack helped get one of the first blockbuster gene therapies through FDA approval.


Quin is an MD and computational biologist. He founded his first liver drug company 15 years ago, co-steered Oxford's single-cell genomics consortium, and founded the Cellular and Systems Genomics department for a leading biopharma.


Elodie also spoke with Raphael Castellan, an Early Career Scientist (Target Validation) at Ochre Bio, on how he moved from academia to biotech.


Read the video transcript here


Raphael is a life scientist with 8 years of academic research experience, including 2 in data analysis, specialising in muscular (cardiac and skeletal) pathophysiology. He joined Ochre Bio's Target Validation team in January 2021 as an early career scientist.


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