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Logo for enara bio, with the words 'are hiring' underneath, on a black background with a schematic cell image on the right.

Enara Bio™ (formerly known as Ervaxx) is a science-led company targeting the T-cell/cancer cell interface (the “immune synapse”) to develop new targeted cancer immunotherapies designed to treat a broad patient population. We were founded as Ervaxx Ltd in late 2016 with an initial focus on discovering and developing therapeutic cancer vaccines utilizing novel antigens derived from endogenous retroviral (ERV)-related DNA sequences.


Please click the links below for further information on each role:

Laboratory Technician (Immunology)

EnaraBio is looking for a highly motivated laboratory technician who can play a significant role in keeping the laboratories running safely and efficiently. The technician will support the Cellular and Molecular Immunology departments’ work. In return, you will be provided with mentorship and training to support these teams where required. This is a good opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment and to make a valuable contribution to the search for meaningful therapies for patients suffering from cancer.
The role may be offered as part-time to candidates who require a more flexible working pattern.


Principal Scientist, Immunology

We are looking for a Principal Scientist to join our Cellular Immunology group who has a deep passion for immunology and the role of T-cells in the exciting field of Immuno-oncology. We want you to help to build an understanding of human T-cell biology against Enara Bio's novel tumour-specific antigens and translate this understanding into transformative products that enhance the anti-tumour T-cell response in the tumour microenvironment. This is an opportunity for an innovative scientist to discover and develop an early-stage product through to clinical application.

As Principal Scientist, you will support our efforts in the Cellular Immunology group to identify the most immunogenic antigens to identify optimal antigens for targeting with T-cell receptors, vaccines, or other modalities, and the selection and characterisation of the most effective T-cell receptors for further development. These data will drive the development of biologics and cell therapies to make a meaningful difference for patients suffering from cancer.