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The Alethiomics Team, Professor Adam Mead, CO-FOUNDER, Professor Bethan Psaila, CO-FOUNDER, Dr Mark Throsby, CHAIRMAN

Alethiomics is a pre-clinical biotech company harnessing the power of single-cell multi-omics technology to discover and develop life-changing treatments for patients with blood cancer.

A spin-out from the University of Oxford, Alethiomics was co-founded with support from Oxford University Innovation in December 2021 by Professor Adam Mead and Professor Bethan Psaila. The company is based on world-leading discoveries in clinical haematology and single-cell multi-omics by its founders, both academic clinicians and expert haematologists. The breakthrough potential of the founders’ research is underlined by the fact that work using TARGET-seq, led by Professor Mead, was selected for the Plenary Session at one of the most prestigious scientific presentations in haematology; the American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting.

The spin-out has received £6M of seed financing from Oxford Science Enterprises. This will be used to establish Alethiomics’ research operations here at the Oxford BioEscalator, to advance its pipeline of programmes in MPNs, and to industrialise the company’s proprietary TARGET-seq drug discovery and target prioritisation platform. 

Adam and Beth, will act as consultants to Alethiomics and serve on the Scientific Advisory Board, whilst continuing to lead their research groups at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Radcliffe Department of Medicine, alongside their clinical practices in the Department of Haematology at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mark Throsby PhD has been appointed as Chairman and Edward Ainscow PhD has joined as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

Dr Mark Throsby is a biopharmaceutical executive with extensive research experience and a track record of innovation and execution. He is an expert in antibody engineering and immunology with over two decades of commercial experience gained in pharma and biotech at Crucell NV and Merus NV. Alongside his role at Alethiomics, he acts as COO/CSO of Gadeta BV and serves on the Board of Ona Therapeutics.

Dr Ed Ainscow brings two decades of experience working on innovative approaches to early drug discovery in both pharma and biotech. He joins from Carrick Therapeutics Ltd where he has been Chief Technology Officer for the past five years. 


Despite tremendous advances in oncology, the quality of life and outcome for patients with many aggressive cancers remains poor. It is now clear that precision treatments targeted at specific driver mutations in cancer-initiating cells are required. Current approaches to single-cell tumour analysis are unable to resolve both cellular and mutational heterogeneity. The Alethiomics TARGET-seq platform simultaneously detects DNA mutations, the RNA transcriptome and cell surface proteins from individual cells to provide a holistic understanding of pathologies and more intelligent target identification.
- Professor Adam Mead, Founder of Alethiomics


Our initial focus is on the most sinister MPNs, for which current treatments are really inadequate and many of our patients still suffer very poor outcomes. We are really excited to have founded Alethiomics and to be recruiting an experienced and dynamic team, enabling us to translate our discoveries in novel target identification into precision medicines to improve the lifespan and quality of life for the patients we care for in the clinic." 
- Professor Beth Psaila

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