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Exogene Logo

Exogene is a biotechnology company enabling AI-powered discovery of T-cell-receptor(TCR)-based cell therapies to treat advanced solid tumours

Exogene is building a machine learning platform to rapidly find new cancer targets and rare, target-specific TCRs for cell therapy application, by comprehensively screening entire TCR repertoires derived from cancer patients. Using cutting-edge wet-lab TCR screening technologies, Exogene is able to train and validate its machine learning platform in-house by screening billions of TCR-target interactions.



Federico Paoletti - CEO and Co-Founder

Federico is a computational biologist with deep expertise in mathematical modelling and molecular biophysics. He holds a PhD in Molecular and Computational Oncology from the University of Oxford and has previously worked at the World Health Organization assessing cancer prevention strategies.


Andrea Mambrini - CTO and Co-Founder

Andrea is an experienced Machine Learning Scientist. He holds a PhD in Bio-Inspired Computation from the University of Birmingham and has several years of hands-on experience building cutting-edge AI. He has previously led the ML team at (acquired by Yougov) and has worked at the European Space Agency, Honda Research Institute and Vodafone.



We are truly excited by the opportunity to work at the BioEscalator alongside some of the most exciting and promising biotechnology companies in the world. We believe that joining the stimulating environment at the BioEscalator will help Exogene achieve its goals to discover highly effective cell therapies for solid tumours using machine learning.

Dr Federico Paoletti - CEO and Co-Founder

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