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Singula Bio Logo with White Border

Singula Bio is a seed-stage biotechnology company that was spun out of the University of Oxford and was incorporated on August 2020.  The company is focused on developing novel neoantigen-based cell therapies for patients with solid tumours.  They have developed immunological, medical, surgical and computational technologies to develop selective therapies for difficult-to-treat solid malignancies such as ovarian cancer.

Singula Bio was co-founded by Professors Ahmed Ahmed, Enzo Cerundolo and Enda McVeigh from the Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health at Oxford University. It is supported by Oxford University Innovation (OUI), the University’s research commercialisation company, and it has secured generous seed-stage investment from IIU Nominees Limited to pursue its goals.

Singula Bio aims to become a world leader in providing individualised cell therapies for cancer.


We are truly excited by the opportunity to work at the BioEscalator alongside some of the most exciting and promising biotechnology companies in the world. We believe that joining the stimulating environment at the BioEscalator will help Singula Bio achieve its goals to make effective individualised cell therapy options a reality for cancer patients.

Ahmed Ahmed - Co-Founder

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