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An image of Professor Ahmed Ahmed in hospital scrubs.

Professor Ahmed Ahmed is one of the founders of Singula Bio, a seed-stage biotechnology company that was spun out of the University of Oxford and is a current BioEscalator tenant.

The company is focused on developing novel neoantigen-based cell therapies for patients with solid tumours. Singula Bio aims to become a world leader in providing individualised cell therapies for cancer. The company has developed immunological, medical, surgical and computational technologies to develop selective therapies for difficult-to-treat solid malignancies such as ovarian cancer. 

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In this interview, Professor Ahmed eloquently and engagingly tells a story about pivotal experiences and a love of rigorous science as he embarked on a journey that took him from studying medicine at Ain Shams University in Cairo to spearheading the development of new cell therapies. 

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