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MoA logo placed over the BioEscalator Innovation Building.


The BioEscalator's resident agritech company, MoA Technology, has been named as one of the most exciting new companies emerging from the vibrant technology environment in and around the city of Oxford, UK.

MoA Technology's innovative approach to discovering safe and effective chemistry to combat the resistant weeds that threaten global food security secured MoA a place alongside other start-ups focused on applying cutting edge technologies in sectors including energy, pharma, digital and space.

GrowthBusiness has highlighted these innovators to illustrate the growing success of Oxford’s tech sector.  Several initiatives by the University of Oxford and the City Council are designed to attract talent, and to incentivise and support start-ups, including access to funding.  The Oxford tech sector employed 37,000 people in 2018, contributing £1.8bn to the UK economy.

Dr Shuji Hachisu, MoA Technology’s Chief Technology Officer said: “MoA Tech is proud to be listed amongst other exciting innovative companies in our local tech community.  We benefitted from the support offered by Oxford University Innovation and have located in the BioEscalator on the campus.  We have expanded quickly and are filling a pipeline with chemistry that will make a vital impact in crop protection.”

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