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Founded in 2018 and using the latest proteomics research, Hutano Diagnostics has developed an innovative quantitative multiplex lateral flow detection (LFD) platform. The technology enables multiple disease markers to be read faster and at a lower cost than laboratory assays. Following the acquisition, the novel technology will be integrated with EDX Medical’s chemistry and smartphone expertise to improve the point-of-care (POC) testing landscape vastly.


Hutano Diagnostics’ novel technology has an advantage over currently available LFD platforms in that it can simultaneously detect up to 20 different biomarkers. It can, for example, differentiate bacterial from viral illness, identify bacteria of interest and provide sepsis prognosis.


Atherton Mutombwera, Hutano Diagnostics Ltd. founder and CEO, said: “Joining forces with EDX Medical Group PLC opens up a world of possibilities. It gives us access to the resources, expertise, and global reach necessary to usher in the age of digital point-of-care diagnostics. Together, we will be able to bring our innovations to a much broader audience and drive positive change in the healthcare landscape.”


The BioEscalator community extends its congratulations to Atherton and the Hutano Diagnostics team.


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