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Theraport logo

Theraport, an exciting new biotech start-up, has joined the BioEscalator community for three months. As a team, they won the OUBT Biohackathon 2022 Competition, part of the Oxford Catalyse Programme, and were awarded bench space in the BioEscalator innovation lab and consumables budget for the summer. 


The team of three co-founders: Annie Thomas (2nd Year Biochemistry, St Anne’s College), Travis Prescod (3rd Year Biochemistry, St Hilda’s College) and Anna Huhn (3rd Year DPhil in Computational Immunology at DPAG) are passionate about using synthetic biology to solve complex medical issues - this includes targeted drug delivery.


Theraport aims to develop a novel platform technology that enhances the uptake of drugs into exosomes – small extracellular vesicles which are emerging as a promising targeted drug delivery vehicle. This will significantly improve the viability, scalability and efficacy of exosome formulations which are currently being developed to treat a myriad of diseases, including cancer.