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The Medimab logo and the University Hospitals Birmingham logo are side by side on a grey background. Underneath is an image of scattered white dots connected with white lines on a navy blue background.

MediMabBio will start research from the basics to the preclinical stage of MMB 101 and MMB 102, the main pipelines, together with the University of Birmingham Hospital in the UK from July this year.  Both pipelines are new drug candidates for liver cancer treatment.

The University of Birmingham Hospital, selected by MediMabBio as a new drug joint R&D partner, is a medical institution with the UK's largest clinical trial centre.  In particular, it is the place where the most clinical trials for the treatment of liver disease have been conducted in the UK.

MediMabBio, Inc. CEO, Dr Yu Hoi Kang, said "The co-operation is made in the preclinical stage. After liver transplantation, we plan to disassemble the patient's organs and conduct research on the liver tissue & the organs themselves. We are also discussing the ways to do it."

Both pipelines are monoclonal antibodies that target the 'immune checkpoint'. The company aims to enter preclinical trials for MMB 101 in the second half of 2021 and MMB 102 in 2022.

The company also says that there is a possibility of raising additional funds for Series B next year.

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