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Image of Dr Jonathan Hepple with the Nucleome Therapeutics Logo

Nucleome Therapeutics, a biotechnology company decoding the dark matter of the human genome to uncover novel ways to treat disease, today announces the appointment of Dr Jonathan Hepple as a non-executive director to its Board.

Jonathan brings more than 20 years of investment experience in the life sciences industry. He is a co-founder of Rosetta Capital, a leading life sciences-focused investment firm, where he has served as a director since its inception in 2009. Jonathan is also a strategic advisor to Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), the founding investor in Nucleome. Jonathan’s previous roles include founder and Director of BioScience Managers Ltd, Partner at Seroba Life Sciences and Investment Analyst at Rothschild Asset Management. He is a seasoned board member, currently serving as Non-Executive Director of several life science companies including Carrick Therapeutics and Mission Therapeutics, and previously Aprea Therapeutics, Novimmune, Opsona Therapeutics and Covagen. Jonathan holds a PhD in cancer research from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Oxford.

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About Nucleome Therapeutics

Nucleome Therapeutics is decoding the dark matter of the human genome to uncover novel ways to treat disease. The dark genome holds more than 95% of disease-linked genetic variants whose value remains untapped, representing a significant opportunity for drug discovery and development. Nucleome has the unique ability to link these variants to gene function and map disease pathways. Its cell-type-specific platform creates high-resolution 3D genome structure maps and enables variant functional validation at scale in primary cell types. This enables it to discover and develop novel, better and safer drugs. The initial focus of the company is on lymphocytes and related autoimmune diseases. Its ambition is to build a robust pipeline of drug assets, with corresponding biomarkers. Nucleome Therapeutics was founded by leading experts in gene regulation from the University of Oxford and backed by investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation.