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Two hands hold a liver in the middle of the image. The Ochre bio logo is on the top right of the image. The British Liver Trust's logo is on the bottom left of the image.

Ochre Bio has entered into a charitable donation Agreement with the British Liver Trust in support of improving awareness for liver health.

 Ochre Bio, a BioEscalator resident since March 2020, is a biotechnology company developing RNA medicines for chronic liver diseases, a top ten global killer. The company uncovers new biological pathways by using advances in 'deep phenotyping', and then studies its medicines in human livers kept alive on machines. In doing so, Ochre Bio ensures that the medicines it brings to the clinic are highly likely to successfully improve patient lives. 


The British Liver Trust is the UK's leading liver health charity, recognised by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Charity Commissions in England, Wales and Scotland. It is working to improve liver health and support patients affected by liver disease or cancer. Reaching millions of people each year, the British Liver Trust raises awareness for the risk factors of liver disease, provides advice to help people improve their liver health and submits the most updated information to patients.



On our path to develop next-generation RNA medicines with the potential to improve the lives of patients in need of a liver transplant, we are grateful to have access to discarded donor livers, allowing us to develop therapeutics that are safe and effective when we enter the clinical evaluation stage. As we are progressing our preclinical evaluation, we are proud to support the great work of the British Liver Trust. We highly appreciate their effort in supporting patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals on all aspects of liver health including prevention and early detection, and we look forward to a close partnership as we execute on our unified goal.
- Jack O'Meara, CEO at Ochre Bio


In the UK, one out of six patients dies while waiting for a liver transplant. Ochre Bio’s research has the potential to improve these numbers and with that the chances of successful treatment for liver disease patients. We are really excited that Ochre Bio is supporting the aims of the British Liver Trust and we are delighted to have this partnership with important shared goals - Pamela Healy OBE, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust


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