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Pile of moving boxes

Ochre Bio has had a meteoric rise since its incorporation in 2019. The company started with co-founders Quin Wills and Jack O'Meara. Jack started his career in the lab as a tissue engineer but found himself more interested in the journey healthcare innovation takes to get to the bedside rather than the benchmark itself, so he pivoted careers. After spending a few years in the US, Jack moved back to London, where he met Dr Quin Wills, an MD and computational biologist.


After knocking down doors on both sides of the Atlantic, Jack and Quin finally raised funding to build their team. As a result, in March 2020, Ochre Bio moved into the BioEscalator, renting one bench in the shared Innovation Lab. The team quickly expanded, and before long, the company occupied 100m2 of lab space and 54m2 of office space within the BioEscalator.


With Ochre Bio's chemistry laboratory housed at The Oxford Science Park, it was a no-brainer for the company to move over to the park when it outgrew the BioEscalator completely. Moving entirely to TOSP brings Ochre's whole UK operations under one roof, enabling closer collaborations between its exploratory, target biology and lead development teams.



"In the tough world of biotech, having the right people around you means everything. We could not have picked a better bunch around us than the wonderful folks at the BioEscalator.

Dr Quin Wills, CSO at Ochre Bio



The BioEscalator felt like the perfect, supportive nesting for us as we started the company, and it’s bittersweet to be now flying that nest.

Jack O’Meara, CEO at Ochre Bio