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Image of MoA CEO Dr Virginia Corless

The BioEscalator's resident agritech company, MoA technology, has appointed Dr Virginia Corless as CEO. Cambridge and MIT alumna Virginia brings her multidisciplinary background and agricultural experience to MoA to lead the company through the scale-up process.

I am thrilled to join MoA Technology as it embarks on this next stage of its growth. With break-through science addressing a vital market need, MoA Technology is poised to deliver sustainable crop protection solutions that support farmers and rural communities while contributing to a healthier and more sustainable food supply.

Dr Virginia Corless - CEO, MoA.

Read the full story here.

MoA Technology Limited, the crop protection discovery company, was spun out of Oxford University in 2018. MoA has developed its own discovery platforms and is focused on discovering the next generation of sustainable herbicides with new modes of action from both natural and synthetic chemistry.

The company has developed three proprietary platforms: Galaxy, Target and Select. These three distinct in vivo platforms allow rapid identification of novel potent herbicidal activity, precise determination of the novel model of action, and rapid improvement of the original lead, while also allowing early-stage filtering for environmentally benign compounds. The combination of platforms offers the opportunity to revolutionise the herbicide discovery process and critically identify new, effective and environmentally sustainable herbicides.

For more information on MoA, visit our Companies page.