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This image is advertising a virtual event, Bio Integrates, being held on 16th November 2020.

Core sectors covered

  • Treatment - The biotech sector is known for developing innovative treatments such as gene therapy, immunotherapy and drug delivery alternatives, but is this cost-effective? How can companies address the high cost of such technologies and get them to patients? Will biotechs have to think outside the box to secure funding in the future?
  • Growth - Positioning for growth is vital to the survival of a business, so are biotech companies asking themselves the right questions when looking to the future? How do they tackle business development, recruitment, location and marketing to ensure they are attractive to investors and their target market?
  • Strategy - From accessing capital to selecting the right CDMO and planning your exit strategy, how do you build strategies for success? Can building in diversity de-risk your programmes, platforms and products?


Key speakers:

  • Steve Bates - Chief Executive Officer, UK Bioindustry Association
  • Sean Marett - Chief Business & Commercial Officer, BioNTech
  • Theo Harold - Chief Executive Officer, Crescendo Biologics

Over 70 speakers broadcast live online makes Bio Integrates a key event for over 300 delegates. 


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