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This event is perfect for researchers, lab managers, and anyone involved in the science field looking to enhance their laboratory's capabilities. Whether you're searching for new equipment, seeking to improve your lab's efficiency, or simply curious about the latest advancements, the BioEscalator Mini Supplier Show is the place to be.

This month's exhibitors:

Constant Systems Ltd - Founded in 1989, Constant Systems Limited is now well into our fourth decade of operations and we are still very much dedicated to the design, manufacturing and maintenance of our high-pressure cell disruption equipment which has built a reputation on reliability, reproducibility, efficacy and consistency.


Revvity - Revvity specialise in translational multi-omics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening and diagnosis, detection, informatics, and more. Developing technologies and solutions across disease pathways to help scientists throughout the research and drug discovery pathway.




Thermo Fisher Scientific