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Just pop in between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm to speak with the suppliers.

Freebies and giveaways!



Tech Comp



Swift Analytical

Swift Analytical Ltd is family owned UK distributor of cutting-edge life science instrumentation, reagents and consumables. Our customers range from SMEs, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


We aim to provide animal-free and sustainable alternatives to enhance drug discovery in cancer research, healthcare and diagnostics.


Our products include microfluidic single-cell sorters, solutions for 3D tissue culture and tissue engineering, high viability 3D bioprinting, and tools and reagents for diagnostics development and manufacture.



Fisher Scientific

For Choice and Convenience, the Fisher Scientific Channel is your Scientific Marketplace.

The Fisher Scientific channel is 'the' premier scientific marketplace and has defined unparalleled choice and convenience for over a century. Focused first and foremost on delivering innovative yet eminently practical solutions, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals, laboratory equipment and supplies, safety products, and services.

This portfolio is aimed at helping our customers to increase productivity and drive innovation in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, clinical diagnostic and research laboratories, hospitals, universities, and government agencies, as well as in environmental analysis and industrial process control — all with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.


Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ instruments and consumables are the essential infrastructure of science. From the laboratory to the field, our products are the foundation of scientific innovations everywhere, including life science and clinical research, biobanking, and food and water safety testing. We will promote our range of Finnpipettes, ClipTip pipettes, and an X1 Pro Centrifuge. We will also be doing a lego giveaway