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An image of different laboratory equipment such as beakers, test tubes and microscopes.


Just speak with the suppliers between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

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Tebubio's vision is to facilitate Life Science Research by providing a unique, holistic range of solutions ranging from the supply of high-quality laboratory consumables to laboratory services carried out by our expert scientists at our facilities outside Paris. Some of our unique solutions are supplying human biological samples, modified cell lines, IVT mRNA services at a small scale, peptide synthesis etc.

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CryoLogyx developed cryopreserved assay-ready cells in pre-plated adherent formats to simplify and accelerate your lab work and research. Our Pre-plated, Assay-Ready Cells remove the need for continual cell culture, allowing your research team to instead focus on generating experimental data, with a  90% reduction in time to experiment and hands-on prep work, an 86% reduction in single-use plastic waste and an immediate reduction in operating costs, overheads, and a massive boost in productivity. Our frozen cells display comparable performance to freshly prepared monolayers and can be used directly from the freezer. They are the most convenient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective option for in-vitro research. No specialised equipment is required for the thawing procedure. Simply remove the protective film, add cell media, and incubate overnight.

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