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Funding your Innovation: Update on Grants & R&D Tax flyer.

Innovation is inherently risky, making UK Government funding and assistance a crucial part of de-risking a new project. Schemes such as Innovate UK Grant Funding and HMRC's R&D Tax Credit incentives are designed to support and accelerate your business's research and development.

The R&D Tax Credit scheme changes are due to come into effect in April 2023 and are designed to help prevent the abuse of the schemes and protect legitimate claims. While these changes are an overall positive for the schemes, they add complexity to making an R&D Tax Credits claim.


Seminar: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Meeting room 1/2/3, BioEscalator

In this seminar, Esther and Ian will cover:

• What HMRC consider as R&D

• The benefits of R&D Tax Relief

• April 2023 legislation changes

• What to do if you receive an HMRC Enquiry

• Grant Funding Landscape

• Upcoming healthcare funding competitions


Lunch provided: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


1-to-1 Advice

TBAT's Advisors will be available following the event in the BioEscalator Hub for 1-to-1 discussions.


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