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4 October: Natural Cycles: Revolutionising research in Women's Health

Presenter: Jack Pearson (Medical Affairs Manager)

Company: Natural Cycles

Location: University of Oxford BioEscalator, Old Road Campus, 696 Roosevelt Dr, Headington, Oxford OX3 7FZ

Natural Cycles is an app powered by an algorithm that measures basal body temperature that can be used for research into Women's Health.

It can be used to research fertility status, measure anovulation, irregular cycles, miscarriage, libido, ovulation status in PCOS, pandemic stress and determine Covid vaccine effects on menstrual cycles.

Temperatures are measured with the NC° thermometer, which is entered into the app and the algorithm does the work.


The Industry Insight Seminars provide a great opportunity to:

  • Increase awareness of commercial translation
  • Form connections between academics and industry 
  • Network with potential collaborators


Zoom: Attendees are welcome to join online; joining details will be emailed

Lunch: Will be served after the presentation to allow for networking


*Please note these seminars are intended for scientists, academics, clinicians, students and life science professionals only. Please register using a business email address and join the meeting with your registration name.

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