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Flyer for the industry Insight Seminar with Mologic on the 2nd March 2021

March's IISS features Dr Joe Fitchett, Medical Director, Mologic.

Talk title: Transforming the path for equitable access to rapid diagnostics for epidemics

Speaker Bio: Dr Joe Fitchett is Medical Director of Mologic, a biotechnology company and manufacturer of rapid diagnostic tests, and a co-founder of Global Access Diagnostics - a social enterprise dedicated to high volume manufacturing for epidemics, delinked from commercial return. Mologic is developing a global portfolio for epidemics, surveillance, and neglected diseases at the point of need, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK government, FIND, and the Wellcome Trust. Previously, Joe was a program officer at the Gates Foundation, with a focus on global policy, advocacy, and resource mobilisation for health. In this role, Joe was responsible for advancing the foundation’s bilateral partnerships with a number of EU donors, through joint investments and multilateral engagement.

In December 2020 Mologic's professional-use COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test was certified with a CE mark.

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