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This image is advertising the OBN webinar titled, OBN Digital: 'Life Sciences Company Valuation'.

A company is ultimately only worth what someone is willing to pay, and as the leader of a pre-revenue business, it is important to go into any discussion with investors fully prepared and armed with the right information to ensure you receive a fair valuation that addresses the future prospects of the firm and that the ratio of capital gained versus equity surrendered is appropriate. 


During this digital session our industry experts will consider all the factors that contribute to the valuation process, and highlight all you need to know including:

  • The importance of a future-facing approach
  • Ensuring you present a credible company story with numbers anchored in
  • Have a clear history of the funding you’ve received to date and an indication of the equity and other benefits you’ve offered
  • Be aware of valuation trends in the industry, particularly of similar companies



John Harris, CEO, OBN

Ed Higgs, Partner, BDO  

TBC, Investor

TBC, James Cowper Kreston


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