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UK life sciences industry at the forefront during COVID-19 pandemic - Flyer

Following on from the launch of the Mediaplanet/MedCity Life Science Innovation campaign at the end of September, this collaborative webinar will host voices from the life sciences sector on the role they played during the pandemic, what they learned, and the challenges that lay ahead.

If there’s one thing the pandemic is teaching us, it's that the UK’s academics, industry and clinicians have never been more at the forefront of society. The UK has shown its value throughout the pandemic - the key is to maintain this to address future healthcare needs and maintain the UK's position as a science superpower.


Key themes include:

• Importance of collaboration in developing the best innovations

• The future for diagnostics, AI and precision medicine

• How regulatory flexibility accelerated COVID-19 innovations

• Power of true patient-centricity

• Rise of international investors looking to the UK

• Future for UK life sciences – perspectives from the inside

If you are a Healthcare Decision Maker, Government & Policy Maker, Industry Member or generally interested in this subject matter, join us for this free webinar.


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