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Microscope in a BioEscalator Lab


Connecting startups to cutting-edge laboratory facilities in Oxford

The BioEscalator and Oxford University Innovation teamed up to hold an event to showcase the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at the University of Oxford to resident BioEscalator companies and start-ups from the Oxfordshire innovation ecosystem.

Oxford Cancer Analytics raises $3.7M led by Eka Ventures to revolutionise liquid biopsy and early cancer detection

Oxford Cancer Analytics is pioneering a new generation of blood-based liquid biopsy tests for early cancer detection. It has announced the completion of an additional seed financing round, led by Eka Ventures, with participation from LifeArc, MegaRobo Technologies, Oxford Technology Management, and value-add individual investors. The Oxford and Toronto-based company has raised $5.5M to date. It will invest in expanding its first-in-class international studies and developing products for the deadliest cancers that can benefit most from liquid biopsy early detection.

Oxford Cancer Analytics part of Oxford team that aims to detect lung cancer early via a simple blood test

A team of Oxford scientists and clinicians has launched a study to detect the early stages of lung cancer using a blood test and machine learning. The team from Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Foundation Trust, the Oxford Radcliffe Biobank and the local spin-out company Oxford Cancer Analytics (OXcan) will recruit 200 participants to identify cancer biomarkers - molecules such as proteins found in blood that are a sign of lung cancer. Oxford Cancer analytics joined the BioEscalator community in June 2022.

BioEscalator Team
Photograph of the BioEscalator building and adjoining carpark, taken from the top of the Kennedy building © BioEscalator Oxford