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GSK enters into a multi-year data licence agreement with Ochre Bio to further investigate the drivers of liver disease

Ochre and GSK will create a foundational liver biology dataset that could have the potential to further improve translation of novel therapies for liver diseases.

MediMabBio's graduation from the BioEscalator: A testament to innovation and growth

MediMab Biotherapeutics announces its graduation from the BioEscalator. This move represents a major milestone for the company as it relocates to Abingdon Science Park, positioning itself for further expansion and cutting-edge research in immuno-oncology.

Biohackathons, boot-strapping and Innovate UK backing – how Evolvere Biosciences is tackling antimicrobial resistance

A seminal study in The Lancet¹ estimates that in 2019 some 4.95 million deaths were associated with bacterial AMR, including 1.27 million deaths attributable to bacterial AMR. Evolvere is tackling this challenging unmet need using a platform combining synthetic biology, bioinformatics, and AI, designing new drugs plus generating AI models for other companies to license.

BiotechTV explores the BioEscalator's role in nurturing start-ups

Brad Loncar visited the BioEscalator to learn more about how we support the growth of innovative medical science companies.

MediMabBio signs MOU with PDC*line Pharma to collaborate on cancer immunotherapy

MediMabBio has announced a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with PDCline Pharma. This collaboration aims to explore the synergy between MediMabBio's MMB101/MFA011 and PDC*line Pharma’s plasmacytoid dendritic cell (PDC) cancer vaccines to revolutionise cancer treatment. Together, their promising drug candidates, targeting TIGIT and other immuno-oncology pathways, would enhance the efficacy of PDC cancer vaccines. By leveraging PDC*line Pharma’s expertise, MediMabBio aims to boost the efficacy of its therapies and explore innovative treatment strategies.

CardiaTec joins the BioEscalator - AI in cardiovascular drug discovery

The BioEscalator welcomes CardiaTec, a spin-out company from the University of Cambridge that employs computational methods to decode the biology behind cardiovascular disease.

MediMabBio - Two time zones, one mission

Two clocks are visible behind the Chief Scientific Officer of MediMabBio, Dr Chris Willberg, as he sits in the company office at the BioEscalator – showing time zones seven hours apart, they are a reminder of how teams in Seoul and Oxford are working together to discover new treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease.

Exogene announces strategic collaboration with Immunocore to engineer T-Cell receptors using artificial intelligence

Exogene is excited to announce a research collaboration with TCR therapy industry leader Immunocore, developer of a novel class of TCR-based bispecific treatments for oncology, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases using their proprietary ImmTAX technology. The purpose of the collaboration is to accelerate the discovery of high-affinity TCRs, with a vision to ultimately accelerate the development of TCR-based bispecific therapies across multiple targets and indications.

Granza Bio: Pioneering personalised and targeted cancer therapeutics

The BioEscalator is pleased to welcome Granza Bio, a biotech startup founded by two PhD graduates in oncology and immunology from the University of Oxford. Granza Bio is pioneering a new era in cancer therapeutics by developing personalised and targeted cancer treatments using the body's own immune system.

It started with a brainstorm

Companies start in all kinds of different ways, and for Bioarchitech it was brainstorming that generated the idea behind the enterprise. It is now planning a Series A fundraising to bring its lead candidate to the clinic. Bioarchitech is focused on cancer, developing oncolytic viruses encoding protein immunotherapies for the destruction of tumours, ideally with just one or two doses.

Infinitopes has a double victory at the 15th Annual OBN Awards 2023

The OBN Awards recognise companies that demonstrate outstanding leadership, innovative practices, and significant contributions towards addressing clinical needs at different stages of development.

Celebrating 5 years of the Oxford BioEscalator

The BioEscalator recently marked its 5th anniversary with a celebration that showcased the impressive journeys of some of its current and graduated biotech companies.

Hutano Diagnostics acquired by EDX Medical Group

We are delighted that BioEscalator resident start-up Hutano Diagnostics has announced its acquisition by Cambridge, UK-based EDX Medical Group PLC.

Oxford Silk Phage Technologies secures top spot in BioCap 2023 pitch competition

Despite facing tough competition, Oxford Silk Phage Technologies impressed the judges with its presentation, earning the top spot in the competition.

Inspiring stories shared at The Africa Oxford Health Innovation platform programme

The BioEscalator community engaged with the talented cohort of innovators from The Africa Oxford Health Innovation Platform (AfOx-HIP) programme, a collaborative initiative by the University of Oxford fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to address crucial health challenges in Africa.

Infinitopes announced as OBN Awards 2023 finalist in two categories

We are pleased to announce that Infinitopes has been named as a finalist in two categories for the upcoming OBN Awards 2023. The company's consistent excellence earned it recognition in the Best Start-up Biotech category for the second year while being selected as a finalist for the esteemed BioSeed 'One to Watch' category.

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