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Image: Brad Loncar speaking with Professor Matthew Wood

Exploring the core of BioEscalator's support for biotech start-ups

BiotechTV's Brad Loncar had an enlightening visit to the BioEscalator, delving into the core of how we foster the growth of biotech start-ups. Professor Matthew Wood, the Chair of the BioEscalator management board and a serial company founder, explained the concept behind the BioEscalator. He highlighted how its location on the University of Oxford medical campus, flexible approach to laboratory space, and the entrepreneurial community it is building all contribute to the remarkable successes of BioEscalator tenant companies.

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Infinitopes' rapid progress and BioEscalator's support in their growth

During his visit, Brad had the opportunity to meet with Infinitopes, one of the tenant companies at BioEscalator. Lian Ni Lee, Vice-President Pre-Clinical Development and Susannah de Jager, COO of Infinitopes, provided insights on the company's rapid progress towards clinical readiness and how the BioEscalator has been instrumental in supporting their growth. They emphasised that the BioEscalator's support in terms of facilities, expertise, and networking opportunities has been crucial in helping them reach their current stage of development.

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The BioEscalator thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Brad and looks forward to welcoming him back for further updates.