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MediMabBio Therapeutics, a subsidiary of the South Korea-based MediMabBio, Inc., has thrived within the BioEscalator, making significant strides in the field of T cell modulation via protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.


A Journey Marked by Milestones

Since joining the BioEscalator in 2020, MediMabBio has achieved several noteworthy milestones. In February 2021, the company successfully raised ₩18B (£11.4M) in Series A funding, a crucial step that enabled further research and development. By June 2021, MediMabBio had started to conduct joint research with The University of Birmingham Hospital to develop its flagship pipeline. Most recently, in April 2024, MediMabBio signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PDC*line Pharma to collaborate on cancer immunotherapy.


The BioEscalator Experience

Dr Ji Eun Lee, founder and CEO of MediMab Biotherapeutics, chose the BioEscalator because of its conducive environment for growth, flexibility, and access to world-class facilities. The location has provided MediMabBio with unparalleled opportunities to interact and collaborate with leading scientists from the University of Oxford and surrounding hospitals.


Expansion to Abingdon Science Park

"Building on its successful track record, MediMabBio plans to further expand its research into novel immuno-oncology targets at its new Abingdon Science Park facility. The company will leverage its expertise in T-cell modulation and protein therapeutics to explore promising new avenues, such as engineered cytokines, bispecific antibodies, and cell therapy approaches. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborations with leading academic and industry partners, MediMabBio aims to accelerate the development of next-generation cancer immunotherapies that can provide more effective, targeted, and durable responses for patients in need."

Dr Ji Eun Lee, CEO, MediMabBio Therapeutics


As MediMabBio graduates from the BioEscalator and moves to Abingdon Science Park, we are excited about their future success and contributions to biotechnology. This expansion marks a new chapter for the company, allowing them to build on the solid foundation established during their formative years at the BioEscalator.