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Photo left: Kevin Maskell, CEO of Bioarchitech, giving a presentation
Photo top, centre: Group of people networking
Photo bottom centre: A table with different types of drinks on it
Photo right: David Kim, CEO of Cyanocapture, giving a presentation

On 1 December 2021, the BioEscalator hosted an OBN 'Science Social', a networking event where the scientific community can meet, chat, relax and build new contacts. The evening had a relaxed atmosphere and was filled with conversation between attendees. 

During the event, there were some quickfire presentations from various companies, all doing amazing work in the biotech industry:


CyanoCapture is a new addition to the BioEscalator community, joining in November 2021. CyanoCapture is an award-winning startup, harnessing GM cyanobacteria to provide affordable industrial-scale carbon capture. It was founded in January 2021 by David Kim, a postgraduate in Medicine at Christ Church College, University of Oxford and Samir Chitnavis, who is studying for his Master's in Biology at Jesus College, University of Oxford. 

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Bioarchitech has been a BioEscalator resident since June 2019. The company is developing innovative oncolytic viruses and co-therapies to overcome the challenges of using immunotherapy to treat common cancers. It is doing this by developing potent transgenes encoded within the vaccinia virus designed to prime anti-tumour immune responses. Bioarchitech is backed by a syndicate of private investors and has collaborations underway with innovative biotechnology companies to meet the challenges of cancer. It has recently transitioned from an Innovation Lab bench to its own lab space and the team has been steadily growing.

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ACellZ was founded in 2021 to develop a novel grown in the lab-human eye tissue model to screen chemical substances for new eye medicines and products. The company's model is human-relevant and accurate assessment technology used early in the product development phase. The model allows to measure and record the toxic responses associated with human side effects to new substances in the eye, saving companies money and time.

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DJS Antibodies

In 2015 DJS Antibodies was founded upon a vision of creating the next generation of antibody therapeutics. The company developed HEPTAD, a revolutionary platform for antibody discovery, and now uses this to create novel therapeutics that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

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Thank you to the BioEscalator for hosting the OBN Science Social. It was a great evening of networking. A special thanks also to the companies who shared a fascinating insight into their work.
- Emma Durham, Events Manager & Business Development Coordinator at OBN (UK) Ltd
Another fabulous event. We were made very welcome by the OBN and BioEscalator teams. So great to catch up with some old buddies and meet some new folks too. 
- Kate Feeney, Senior Business Development Manager at Eurofins Discovery.
It was a pleasure to attend the OBN ‘Science Social' last night. We had a great time networking and learning more about how BioEscalator supports early-stage start-ups. Thank you, Emma Durham for the opportunity to share ACellZ's vision of innovating in eye biotechnologies.
- ACellZ