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Image of BioEscalator's apprentice lab tech Owen Baker

We are pleased to introduce our new apprentice laboratory technician, Owen Baker.

Owen has joined the BioEscalator team in November 2020 after completing his A levels and gaining industry experience at Suez water purification Ltd, as a production operative. He will be working with us over the next 2 years whilst studying for his BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science.

Throughout the course, Owen will be learning laboratory health and safety, regulatory and quality procedures and technical skills and under the guidance of the BioEscalator's Laboratory Manager, Dr Khwaja Islam. We all wish Owen a warm welcome into the BioEscalator community.


'I am very excited to be joining the BioEscalator and progressing my science knowledge with applied science. My goals for this course are to achieve a high pass, hopefully either a merit or distinction, and to gain new experience in a different sector. I hope to forward my career, after this course, by either furthering my education and knowledge of science or by finding a job with the university or a private company, to keep gaining experience.'

Owen Baker, Apprentice Laboratory Technician, BioEscalator