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Image of Charlotte Casebourne, CEO and Margaret Duffy, CSO, of theolytics.

M Ventures, Merck's strategic venture capital arm, joined the Theolytics’ investor syndicate alongside Epidarex Capital and Taiho Ventures is an extension to the Series A financing, which includes additional financing investment from Taiho Ventures and the University of Oxford. 

The expanded Series A funding will support the progress of internal programmes in ovarian cancer, a second cancer indication, and further advancing the company’s unique technology platforms. 

Spun-out of the University of Oxford in 2017, Theolytics has been developing the world’s largest library of potential adenovirus product candidates and breakthrough bio selection systems. The company’s internal pipeline development focuses on oncolytic virus therapies, while the proprietary platforms can be applied across other adenovirus-based modalities.

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