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The Infinitopes team is seen posing with one of their trophies in front of an OBN Awards backdrop.

Infinitopes won the highly coveted Best Biotech Start-up award and the BioSeed 'One to Watch' award, highlighting their exceptional contributions to the field at this year's OBN Awards. Infinitopes was also nominated for the best biotech start-up award the previous year, further emphasising the upward trajectory of their journey.


A collaboration between experts from the University of Oxford and Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Infinitopes specialises in identifying Precision Immunomics™️ disease targets. These targets are treated using high-efficiency vectors designed to stimulate immune responses that effectively combat tumour metastases. Infinitopes aims to contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to combat cancer by developing economically viable treatments accessible to the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare providers. The company's mission is to empower patients in their fight against cancer by developing treatments that are not only scientifically advanced but also economically viable for healthcare systems. 


Jonathan Kwok, the CEO of Infinitopes, expressed his delight at the company's success, stating, "We were over the moon to win Best Biotech Start-up, but to take home BioSeed One to Watch, too, has stunned us."


For further details and information about other category winners, refer to the official press release by OBN.