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To the left, the OBN Awards logo and the Alchemab Therapeutics logo are on a deep purple background. To the right, there is an image of London overlooking the River Thames. Glitter is falling from the sky.

The award is a reflection of their fantastic, dedicated and diverse team.

Alchemab was part of the BioEscalator community from December 2019 to April 2021 and is now part of our alumni circle. The company is focused on discovering and developing novel therapeutics for patients with a range of hard-to-treat diseases. Its innovative approach involves investigating healthy individuals to discover naturally protective antibodies. 

The OBN Awards, which are in their 12th year, shine a light on companies at all stages of development, recognising inspirational leadership, exciting innovation, novel and exciting approaches to unmet clinical need, outstanding company progression and the delivery of real-life tangible results. The OBN Awards celebrate fresh and innovative deals and collaborations, as well as the critical role that support organisations play in helping the life sciences industry thrive.

The BioEscalator is very proud of Alchemab for winning Best Start-up Biotech Company and is excited to continue watching their growth.

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