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Cancer Research Horizons logo

The Cancer Research Horizons Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards 2022 celebrate the UK’s most innovative and enterprising efforts in oncology to translate discoveries into benefits for cancer patients. 


Two BioEscalator resident companies, Alethiomics and Infinitopes, have been shortlisted in the New Startup of the Year category. This award celebrates new UK-based companies. Nominees will be fast-tracking their scientific breakthroughs into new treatments, diagnostics and/or medical devices that benefit cancer patients. The judges will look for evidence demonstrating a company's potential, including its ground-breaking technology and its potential to deliver growth and impact in the cancer sector. The winning entry will receive £15,000 to support the development of their startup.


Alethiomics is addressing the unmet need in patients with forms of chronic blood cancer known as myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) using its TARGET-seq platform. The platform uses multi-omic information from single cells to provide a holistic understanding of disease and more intelligent target identification. It is the only platform capable of uncoupling single-cell tumour heterogeneity at high resolution and ultra-high sensitivity. TARGET-seq provides a powerful way to identify new targets in the cancer stem cells that drive and propagate disease.


Infinitopes is pushing the boundaries of science and medicine to identify hidden tumour targets, enabling the company to create high-efficiency vaccines. It is developing these vaccines to be affordable to healthcare systems & patients to save many lives in the future.