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Fabiha Ahmed, Apprentice Laboratory Technician at BioEscalator, is pictured in a lab coat while producing ethanol in a lab.

We are excited to announce that Fabiha Ahmed, the BioEscalator's Apprentice Laboratory Technician, has been nominated for the Intermediate & Advanced Apprentice Award at the University of Oxford Apprenticeship Awards 2023.


Fabiha is an integral part of the BioEscalator team, where she has demonstrated exceptional talent, dedication, and work ethic. Throughout her apprenticeship, Fabiha has shown remarkable determination in learning and mastering the skills required for her role. Her hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm have been instrumental in her success, and we are proud to have her as part of the BioEscalator team.


The University of Oxford Apprenticeship Awards 2023 is an excellent platform to recognise and celebrate the exceptional contributions of apprentices across the university. Fabiha's nomination is a testament to her skills and dedication; we are confident she will continue excelling in her career.