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A group of people eating lunch and socialising in the park

When everyone is working so hard, finding the time to meet the neighbours and spend time with colleagues outside work is difficult, so the BioEscalator created this event to provide the opportunity to do just that. After a spot of lunch and a glass or two of Pimms, attendees chatted and played croquet and giant Jenga. Even furry friends joined in the summer fun.

Building the community is an important aspect of the BioEscalator's mission. This event was a perfect example of this in action and will become a yearly summer occasion for our resident companies, along with the other wide-ranging events in the BioEscalator calendar.

A photo collage of the BioEscalator Party in the Park including: a group of people with a dog, a group of people playing croquet, two people playing giant Jenga, a row of glass jugs filled with Pimms and a mixture of fruit and mint leaves, a group of people eating lunch, and the lab manager, lab technician, and business manager of the BioEscalator posing together.


Our #team, with a four-legged friend Mr Griff, is enjoying the first BioEscalator Party in the Park this year. Sun, Pimm's, Food, Games, Good time together with neighbouring #ventures! Thank you for organising.

Nucleome Therapeutics via LinkedIn