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Medimab Bio logo

MediMab Biotherapeutics is a subsidiary of MediMabBio, Inc., a South Korea-based biotechnology firm founded by an Oxford graduate. CEOs of MediMabBio, Kang Yu-hoe and Cho Hong-Seok are researchers born in the 1980s who started their business with the dream of developing new drugs while working at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Kang Yu-hoe graduated from Imperial College, UK, and received his PhD from the University of Oxford. CEO Hongseok Cho completed his bachelor's and doctoral degrees at KAIST and has published numerous papers in international academic journals such as Nature Communications and EMBO.


Medimab's discovery platform uses advances in systems biology combined with sophisticated immunological solutions to identify significantly improved first-in-class immuno-oncology drugs that can actively target a range of advanced and solid tumours. The company has developed pipelines of highly promising novel drugs that aim to overcome the current limitations of cancer immunotherapy. For this purpose, MediMabBio has established collaborations with core partners of academic, R&D institutions and clinical groups in the US, UK, Germany, China and Korea.


Formed in March 2020 by Dr Ji Eun Lee, MediMab Biotherapeutics' establishment is to expand MediMabBio's cooperative research with Oxford University Hospital and others for research on the development of new immuno-oncology drugs and to strengthen the network with local biopharmaceutical companies.



We have chosen the BioEscalator as our base because we believe that it would be a perfect environment for our company to start and grow within the UK. It provides an excellent environment in terms of growth, flexibility and accessibility to world-class local facilities that are already in place. Its location is also advantageous for us to interact and collaborate with other leading scientists based in the university and other related communities and hospitals. We also appreciate the support we receive from the BioEscalator staff and colleagues.

Dr Ji Eun Lee, Founder and CEO at Medimab Biotherapeutics


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