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Oxford Silk Phage Technologies Logo

Stephanie Lesage and James Gilbert co-founded Oxford Silk Phage Technologies in 2020. Stephanie, Director and Chief Executive Officer at OSPT, is an entrepreneur with ten years of experience in silk and vascular biomaterials. James Gilbert, Chief Medical Officer, is a General Surgeon with subspecialty interest and expertise in Transplantation and Vascular Access surgery with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


The need for surgical implants is increasing with the ageing of the population and growing obesity worldwide. The increasing use of synthetic implants is leaving patients at higher risk of infections, requiring extensive hospitalisation with antibiotic treatments, which are inefficient for many patients due to antibiotic resistance.


OSPT is pioneering a unique antibacterial biomaterial technology combining silk and bacteriophages, offering solutions for the growing problem of surgical implant/wound infections in the largest medical unmet needs. The technology provides a first-of-a-kind, entirely natural and sustainable biomaterial made from bacteriophages and silk fibroin, minimising the risks of infection and reducing antibiotic use. OSPT's devices are a combination of the two. The natural silk fibroin scaffold can replace a bodily function whilst holding the bacteriophages stably in place. The bacteriophages eliminate bacteria before they can increase.



We are truly excited that OSPT has joined the Bioescalator's thriving environment in July: the access to the state-of-the-art biological facilities at the heart of Oxford's innovative and dynamic community will enable OSPT to propel the development of its first-of-a-kind medical device technology and enable its continuous growth in the next few years.

Stephanie Lesage - Co-founder, CEO, Oxford Silk Phage Technologies Ltd


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