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The OXvax technology is a next-generation Dendritic Cell (DC) immuno-oncology vaccination platform. Superior to previous technologies, it harnesses the beneficial properties of a specialised DC subset, described as CD141+XCR1+ DC. These are generated via differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using a bespoke proprietary protocol for manufacturing bulk quantities under cGMP. OXvax technology lends itself to either a fully autologous or a semi-allogeneic treatment, but the company's initial focus is on developing an off-the-shelf semi-allogeneic vaccine suitable for the treatment of solid tumour cancers.


OXvax is fast-tracking its development programme, leveraging resources at Oxford University and working in partnership with external contract development and manufacturing organisations.


Paul J Fairchild, Chairman of OXvax's Scientific Advisory Board, is an Associate Professor of the Immunobiology of Stem Cells, Fellow in Medicine at Trinity College and founding Director of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute. OXvax's technology is based on intellectual property from Fairchild's laboratory at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.


Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Bravo is a serial entrepreneur with international experience in major blue chip companies and many start-ups bringing academic research-based innovation to market. He has taken two companies public to the AIM market, raising over £45m, mainly from institutional investors but also from family offices and HNWs. Marcelo worked with Paul and Tim on developing OXvax as part of his work towards an MSc in Experimental Therapeutics at Oxford.


Tim Davies, Head of Laboratory Operations at OXvax, is a research scientist with over 35 years of experience in stem cell biology and immunology. He trained at Cardiff University and Birkbeck College, London, before joining Sir Richard Gardner's laboratory at Oxford, for which he served as research manager for more than 20 years. Tim has been instrumental in developing the protocols for derivation and differentiation of iPSC, on which the OXvax technology is based.




We consider ourselves privileged to start our life as a company from the Bioescalator.  The Bioescalator offers best-in-class infrastructure and shared facilities that we couldn’t afford otherwise at this stage of our development and also puts us right at the heart and vanguard of the Oxford life sciences ecosystem.

Marcelo Bravo, CEO and Co-Founder


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