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Oxfordshire Business Awards logo. Nucleome Therapeutics logo. The Oxfordshire LEP New Business Award Finalist.

Nucleome has an innovative platform technology giving them the unique ability to connect disease-linked variants in the genome’s dark matter to gene function and map disease pathways. Their cell type-specific platform creates high-resolution 3D genome structure maps and enables variant functional validation at scale in primary cell types. This allows the discovery and development of better and safer drugs guided by genetics. The company is currently applying its platform technology to lymphocytes with an initial focus on autoimmune diseases. Their ambition is to build a robust pipeline of drug assets with corresponding biomarkers.


Nucleome has been shortlisted as a finalist to receive the Oxfordshire LEP New Business Award at the 2022 Oxfordshire Business Awards on 17th June. The judges will be looking for evidence of: 

  • How the start-up was achieved
  • How effectively the business has operated in light of the pandemic, given it launched so close to the Covid-19 outbreak
  • The strength and stability of the business, particularly given the emergence of Covid-19
  • An understanding of the market in which the business operates
  • How the business has embraced innovation, supporting it to be as productive as it can be 
  • In light of the pandemic, demonstrating how the business ‘pivoted’ – or even diversified – its original business model to support its ongoing continuity 
  • A vision and strategy for future development
  • Plans for growth, including workforce development and possible opportunities for young people within the business


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