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About Ochre Bio

Ochre Bio was founded out of 15 years of leading liver genomics research and experience in bringing advanced therapies to market. The company is developing a portfolio of RNA therapies for chronic liver diseases. They apply functional genomics to donor livers maintained ex vivo, to find better targets and ultimately turn them into better medicines for liver disease patients. Co-Founders Jack O'Meara and Quin Wills have compiled a highly specialised group of advisors, consultants, and investors to help craft our strategy. Their combination of US and European investors, with traditional life sciences as well as genomics and technology expertise, underscores the type of company they are building. 

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About the OBN Awards

Since their foundation 13 years ago, the OBN Awards have become a highly sought-after endorsement in the Life Sciences industry. They aim to “shine a light on companies at all stages of development, recognising inspirational leadership, exciting innovation, novel and exciting approaches to unmet clinical need, outstanding company progression and the delivery of real-life tangible results”. 

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 25th of November, held in the spectacular setting of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 

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