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An image of a lightbulb with money (notes) flying around it.

OSPT has been awarded three consecutive grants from OxLEP’s ISfB programme. With funding from the ERDF*, the NIHR’s Invention for Innovation and Innovate UK’s Biomedical Catalyst, together with new private investors who had already joined the early stage of a round, OSPT will receive £680K to advance its disruptive antibacterial technology.


The funds will help the continued development of OSPT’s unique material integrating bacteriophage viruses. OSPT is working to produce medical implants that actively eliminate bacteria, preventing infections and reducing the need for antibiotics. Using pioneering unique antibacterial biomaterial technology combining silk and bacteriophages, OSPT is developing solutions for the growing problem of surgical implant/wound infections, the largest unmet medical need. OSPT combines the long-term expertise of clinicians, entrepreneurs and scientists with a passion for developing superior, natural antibacterial biomaterials to help people live more active and longer lives.


The world cannot afford to sit and watch antibiotic resistance threaten the next generation, and OSPT is looking forward to contributing to the fight against this looming pandemic.


*European Regional Development Fund


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