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A collage of photos taken at the BioEscalator Open Afternoon.

Image 1. Attendees of the BioEscalator Open Afternoon listening to the BioEscalator Tenant Talk.
Image 2. Two people taking a tour of the BioEscalator.
Image 3. BioEscalator merchandise, including keep cups, notebooks, and BioEscalator branded sweets.
Image 4. BioEscalator branded vanilla cupcakes.

The BioEscalator hosted its first open afternoon today. Tours of the BioEscalator were given throughout the day, allowing visitors to see the incubator's facilities and learn how the BioEscalator assists early-stage biotech companies in getting their ideas out of the lab and into patient care. 


The main event was the BioEscalator tenant talk, where attendees heard from three resident companies, Bioarchitech, Exogene, and MediMab Biotherapeutics. The companies each gave a presentation about what they do and how they utilise the BioEscalator and its facilities.


 The event was a great success, with excellent feedback from attendees.



Thank you for the invite to the open afternoon in the BioEscalator. It was really good to see the set-up and labs and meet you all in person. The presentations were interesting and informative and were all very well organised – well done!

Dr Emma Packard - PhD (Chemistry), Project Manager, Consulting Services, Oxford University Innovation Limited


About the presenting companies:

Bioarchitech is developing immunotherapy for cancer treatment by engineering antibodies and other proteins and then encoding them within the genome of an oncolytic virus. Cancer cells infected by this virus release potent immunotherapy molecules into the tumour microenvironment, where they orchestrate the destruction of tumour cells by the patient's immune system.

Visit Bioarchitech's website


MediMab Biotherapeutics is focusing on developing novel immunotherapies for cancer treatment. The company's discovery platform uses advances in systems biology combined with sophisticated immunological solutions to identify significantly improved first-in-class immuno-oncology drugs that can actively target a range of advanced and solid tumours.

Visit MediMab Therapeutics' website


Exogene is discovering novel T-cell receptor (TCR)-based cell therapies for treating advanced solid tumours. Its artificial intelligence platform rapidly screens billions of TCRs from patients to computationally identify and create TCRs that can target and destroy cancer cells. The AI learns from the billions of intersections between TCRs and cancer cells that Exogene analyses at its lab using various cutting-edge screening techniques.

Visit Exogene's website