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Industry Insights Seminar Series March 2022 Flyer

Title: Combining robotics and AI: the emergence of data-driven drug discovery

Speaker: Martin-Immanuel Bittner MD DPhil FRSA, Co-Founder & CEO

Abstract/speaker bio: Drug discovery is a series of decision-making steps, driven by data. Arctoris developed Ulysses, a unique platform that brings together robotics, AI, and blockchain to generate data of unprecedented quality, depth and context, at scale. With Ulysses, Arctoris enables the right decisions at the right time, reducing cycle times, decreasing attrition rates, and making drug discovery success more likely. The Ulysses platform powers Arctoris’ internal discovery work and is also accessible to select partners, enabling them to accelerate their programs from idea to IND, bringing new medicines to patients faster.

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The Industry Insight Seminars provide a great opportunity to:

  • Increase awareness of commercial translation
  • Form connections between academics and industry 
  • Network with potential collaborators

These seminars are suitable for all scientists with some knowledge or interest in each topic area, from PhD students to PIs along with biotech, SMEs and Pharma companies.