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BioEscalator Grow On Space 2021 Flyer

In this lunchtime session, you will be able to find out more about the space available to you when you're ready to move on from the BioEscalator.

There will also be specialist lab/office space designers and fitters in attendance, along with specialist moving companies.

The webinar will be delivered as 10-minute presentations with 1:1 meeting slots available immediately after the event.


12:00 pm - Oxford Science Park

12:10 pm - Harwell Campus

12:20 pm - Abingdon Science Park

12:30 pm - Oxford Business Park

12:40 pm - WCFI & OCFI

12:50 pm - Milton Park

1:00 pm - Oxford Technology Park

1:10 pm - Creative Spaces

1:20 pm - Robin Swailes Design and Development

1:30 pm - Kaster Labs and OEG Labs

1:40 pm - Bulb Interiors

1:50 pm - HRH Logistics

2:00 pm - 1:1 Sessions


To sign up, please accept the Outlook calendar invite.

To book a 1:1 slot, please email by Friday 18th June 2021 with details of who you would like to speak to and which time slot you would like.

Click here to check the 1:1 slot schedule for available slots

This event is for BioEscalator tenant companies only